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harrison allen

My dad is my biggest influence.

He is an amazing artist, an accomplished graphic designer, an expert hand-letterer,

and a great dad who has always encouraged me all along the way.

My dad works daily in his art studio and creates new art everyday.

He has recently started a new series called "Fiddle Sticks." 

Below are some samples of his new work. It is available for sale.

Dad in chair.jpg

Black / White Study #1

b-w 2.jpg

Black / White Study #2


Black / White Study #3


Portrait 1973


Portrait 2019


Acrylic landscape study


Pastel study


Fiddle Sticks: Color


Brown study


This is an example of his "Fiddle Sticks" series he has been working on this year

design work

Texas Monthly.jpg

He designed the Texas Monthly masthead

John Simmons.jpg

This is an example of what he does best... hand-lettered Spencerian Script

poem for my dad

My Dad

written by Mark Andrew Allen

December 18, 2008

(Dedicated to MY Dad)


Well It's Christmas Time,

And it's getting cold outside, the weather reports,

And the cards come in, and so do the letters,

You know the type, a newsletter of sorts, 

That reports how things, all have gotten better.


I like to read them, though some seem like fiction,

About how Johnny is doing well, with his subtraction and addition.

Well one got me this year, and it went something like this,

"I would be so proud if I could grow up, to be half the man my dad is."


Yea that is the line, that put a lump in my throat, 

You see, my dad is a man, that is worthy of note.

I can't exactly say, one day when I grow up I will find out,

You see I am already grown up, there is no doubt.


I have watched him and listened to him, throughout the years,

His guidance, and patience, and laughter and tears.

He has taught me so much, I will forever owe,

Like how to treat people, that you don't even know.


It's common courtesy he'd say, to treat people right,

Treat everyone as equals, is such good insight.

There are so many things, about him that I truly adore,

He always leads by example, he's my mentor.


He's quick with a smile, that makes everyone feel warm,

It's his personality, you see, that makes all want to transform.

He makes you feel important, he encourages everyone he knows,

He likes to see people, turn into heroes.


If that wasn't enough there is more, it's true,

He has a great singing voice, you can hear on Sunday's from a pew.

He's an artist bar none, as many will attest,

These is no better than him, he is truly the best.


He has friends galore, you've never seen so many,

And spends lots of time with his family, it's worth every penny.

He's a jewel that shines bright, he's no diamond in the rough,

He's always been kind, but knows when to get tough.


He has taught me through leadership, of what is right to do,

He's always been right behind me, encouraging me to pursue.

He says never give-up, it will work out in the end,

And it always has, I never have to pretend.


"Use you imagination!" he would say to me,

When I would ask him to draw, a picture of an apple tree.

He would hand it back to me, and say you try it yourself,

And then after I finished it, he would frame it, and put it on his shelf.


Pretty great, huh? Yeah that's MY dad,

He's all those things, and MORE I could add.

But the best thing of all, is the time that he spends, 

Together with me, discussing world events, and current trends.


So this is for you dad, to me you are always Daddy,

You have shown me that hope and happiness are truly the key.

I treasure and love you, more than you'll ever know,

Just know that you are WITH me, Daddy, where ever I go.


©2008 Mark Andrew Allen

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